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Hyacinth Podcast

Nov 10, 2019

What are the limits of our narrative? How can stories lead us into blank spaces and the unknown? I interview Giller Prize winner Johanna Skibsrud and celebrated east coast writers Carol Bruneau and Nicola Davison about the transformative potential of story and the challenges of writing what is unsaid and unknown.
Johanna Skibsrud is a Giller Prize-winning writer and professor at the University of Arizona. Her latest novel, Island, explores imperial and colonial histories via the modern existence of "black sites." The story follows two women over a single day on a small island that is about to burst into revolution.
Carol Bruneau is an acclaimed Nova Scotia writer and the author of eight books. While writing her latest novel, A Circle on the Surface, Carol mentored debut novelist, Nicola Davison through the writing of her first book, In the Wake under the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia's Alistair MacLeod Writing Mentorship program. Both books would go on to win awards at the 2019 Atlantic Book Awards.
Be sure to listen to Part 1 of this Episode where I speak with best-selling writer and scholar Jesse Thistle, community organizer Masuma Khan, and fashion writer Musemo Handahu.
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